10 Tips To Help Babies Sleep Through The Night

While we are Pregnant, we have absolutely no idea that our sleep is about to go on a long vacation without any return ticket.. After delivery initial few months take a toll on Moms because they hardly get to sleep because of baby’s uncertain sleep patterns.. Atleast for first 2-3 months Moms should be prepared to experience a phase where they will not get to sleep at all because somehow in the beginning babies don’t sleep no matter how hard we try and if they sleep since the beginning consider yourself lucky..

However If Moms begin to try these certain steps from the beginning itself, babies might be able to develop a sleep routine soon..


10 Tips that might help you with New Borns

1.Swing or rock– First of all, I read somewhere that while we are pregnant, babies are habitual of sleeping by getting rocked all the time because of our continuous movements and they are wide awake while we are resting.. So swinging or rocking the baby help them to sleep just like their womb times…
2.Swaddle– Babies are habitual of compact, warm and cosy womb and thus feel uncomfortable in their initial days… Swaddling (wrapped in a blanket or swaddle cloth) gives them that feel back and make them feel all cozy and secure, making it all easy for them to sleep.
3.Colic issues– New born babies face major Colic issues which is one reason why they cant sleep at night.. Burp the baby well, give tummy time and if facing major colic issues go for Gas drops, so that baby can sleep well through the night.
4.Diapers– Though i am not encouraging the use of Diapers but major reason why babies get up in the night is because of wet nappies, Diapers keep them dry for good 3-4 hours and give them an undisturbed sleep.
5.Routine– Set fix routine for them and try to make them sleep on the same time daily to set their body clock according to that, will be really helpful in the long run.
6.Consistent Naps– This tip has worked the best for me.. Make the babies sleep in regular intervals before they get too tired.. If the baby stays up for too long and gets all tired then they trouble more in sleeping at the night (but dont put the baby for a nap just 2-3 hours before final bed time)
7.Sleep Associations- Get the baby accustomed to some thing like a toy or read books to them or sing some lullaby or some habit like getting them into a night wear or doing some particular ritual with them, so that they know that whenever you do this its time to sleep.
8.Massaging– Massaging and bathing the baby makes them all tired and sleepy, if the weather is cold you can avoid bathing.. But massages help them to feel relaxed, tired and all ready to fall asleep.
9.Leave you scent- If you co sleep with the baby then this isn’t required but if the baby sleeps in the cot, keep any piece of your cloth next to the baby like a dress or scarf or anything which has your scent in it, to give them a feeling that your are close to them.
10. Patience– Last and the most important tip is to keep patience, because no tip will work in one go, you might have to make several attempts and experiments for it to work.

While some of these habits like Swaddling or rocking the baby should be reduced as the baby starts growing to avoid them from getting totally dependent on just this.. You can continue with the rest tips for long run because there is no certainty about baby’s sleep and you might have to struggle a little longer than you have imagined..

These are some of the tips that worked well for me, though i would like to share that no tip worked for the First 2 months, no matter what I do my baby just wouldn’t sleep during the night.. Some tips might work for you, some might not work.. Don’t give up and keep experimenting..

Do share your reviews or share if you have some additional tips that can help New moms with their struggle of putting their babies to Sleep..

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    Nicely penned information.. thanks

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