Tips and Tricks of Parenting that Worked for ME

1. First and the most important is REPETITION.. Its my tried and tested mantra.. When you say a particular thing again and again in front your baby, sooner or later the baby will definitely grasp it and repeat back..
2. Try to develop a routine and get your baby habitual to that.. Make sure you stick to it and be a little strict about it so that your kid knows there is no way out from this..
3. Never pamper your kid by spoiling them, specially if they cry for something then distract them but never give it to them.. be stubborn about this so that the kids know that crying won’t work on momma..
4. Use colourful and picturesque stuff for easy grasping and brain development of kids..
5. Dont force them into something if they are showing absolutely no interest, take a break and try after some days.
6. Let them explore the stuff around them, don’t stop until and unless they won’t end up hurting themselves.. this enhances their natural mental growth..
7. Use more of finger actions while talking to your baby and make sure to use same actions with those words everytime you say it..Soon your baby will start using them to explain you stuff..
8. Try to teach them stuff which is a little ahead of their age limit.. with kids their is absolutely no limit of learning and sometimes they learn elderly stuff really quick
9. Always use positive words, good language and actions in front of your baby, they are very good at catching up on bad stuff first.
10. Lastly there is no such thing as perfect mother or some 10/10 parenting mantra, every mom and kid duo is different and Moms know whats best for their babies..
Do Share some of your parenting mantras too that helped you with your babies or toddlers

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