Hair Fall is the biggest issue faced by a large number of Moms post pregnancy. Sometimes it is so severe that no remedy, no medicine works. So many products are been innovated and so many home remedies are made, some suits well to quite a lot and some doesn’t suit well at all. MamaEarth has come up with their 6 weeks challenge for their Anti Hair Fall Kit. Sharing my take on the products and the brand.



It is Asia’s First Made Safe Certified brand. All its products go through all safety standards and necessary tests and have a wide variety of products for both Babies and Mums. They are into innovation on daily basis and are coming up with best of products from all genres on a regular basis. Their latest innovation is a saviour for a lot of Moms out there, facing major hair fall issues.


The kit consists of 4 products:

  1. Root Restore Hair Oil.
  2. Happy Heads Shampoo.
  3. No More tangles Conditioner.
  4. Pro Growth Hair Tonic

This Kit is made to focus towards the core strength of the hair, to reduce the breakage and nourish the roots. All the products consists of hair friendly substances and are made with richness of milk protein, amla, caffeine, fenugreek, Vitamin F and many such hair strengthening products. The best is, made to suit all hair types, also it is silicon, sulphates and mineral oil free.


The root restore oil bottle is sleek and long and consists of 100ml oil. The spray bottle has a cap and packed in air tight plastic to avoid any leakage before starting to use it. The Oil is a combination of Rosemary oil, bhrinraj oil and Vitamin F.

While the Rosemary oils key feature is to stimulate growth, Bhringraj oil activates the hair follicles which again focuses towards hair growth and Vitamin F also works in hair generation and gives shine to the hair by providing Omega 6 Essential fatty acid.

It is dermatologically tested and repairs the damaged hair. For Best results, massage the scalp gently with the oil and leave it on for atleast 30 mins so that hair can absorb it.

It is easy to apply, does not have foul odour and gives relaxing feel after application. The Bottle is priced at INR 399/- for 100ml.


Again the bottle is sleek and long with spray nozzel and has a quantity of 200ml, well packed in air tight plastic to avoid leakage. Its key ingredients are Biotin, Horse Chestnut and Amla.

While Amla is for hair nourishment, Biotin helps to thicken the hair. Horse chestnut enhanced the blood circulation which helps the hair cells in growth.

It gently cleanses the scalp and leave a very fresh dewy fragrance in the hair. The application is easy but needs a little more in quantity to create proper froth. For better results it is advisable to leave the shampoo on for 2 mins before rinsing it off.

The bottle is priced at INR 349/- for 200ml.


The bottle is of exact same size as of shampoo and consists of 200ml. Unlike other conditioners, this one is made for all hair types and is silicone free. The key ingredients are Milk protein, Cocoa butter and Fenugreek.

Milk protein provides the protein that your diet may lack, resulting in thick and shiny hair. Cocoa butter is used to make the hair healthy and soft and fenugreek provides nicotinic acid which helps in hair growth, activates hair follicles and helps in getting rid of dead skin on the scalp.

The focus is to keep the hair tangles free, because it is one of the main reason of hair breakage and weakening of hair cells. It is best to settle frizzy hair and keeps them tangles free. Cocoa butter gives it a great after use essence which stays for long and the application is easy, apply it on damp hair from roots till the ends and rinse of thoroughly after 2-3 mins.

The bottle is priced at INR 349/- for 200 ml.


The bottle is same size as oil and contains 100ml tonic. This product is a new concept for hair growth and is made of Caffeine, Red ginseng and Milk Protein. It is not some medicine but it is to be applied after hair wash.

The Red Ginseng and milk protein are easily absorbed by hair and prevents hair loss. On the other hand caffeine is to speed up the hair growth. All these ingredients are non greasy and are absorbed quickly by the hair.

The application is easy, just apply on the scalp and gently massage with the tip of fingers, it will be absorbed by the hair and will show result within 6 weeks of regular usage.

The bottle is priced at INR 499/- for 100ml.


All the bottle are sleek and have caps, makes it easy for travelling and storage. As it depends for all hair types can be used by other family members as well without worrying about them containing any chemicals that might harm the hair. After 2 weeks of usage i can already notice the reduction in my hair fall and the conditioner worked wonders on my tangles hair which were driving me crazy from long. It easy usage and fresh smell makes it to my priority list and I am definitely not getting rid of these products anytime soon.

I would rate the products 4/5 and are a complete must have for Moms or anyone who is going though major hair fall crisis.

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  1. Krishna Maharana says:

    Loved the detailed review …Hope it helps me restore my hair’s shine and bounce and also deal with frizziness

    Liked by 1 person

  2. says:

    Mamaearth is definitely the best brand when it comes to chemical and toxin free products! I love their antibhair Fall kit as well!


  3. Post partum hair loss is depressing and this looks like an amazing product by mamaearth. What I like the most is that it’s a complete set starting from hair oil to conditioner. Takes care of every need of every single strand of hair


  4. dhanyasuresh says:

    I love mamaearth products. Awesome review. Will definitely try the product as i am in need of this .


  5. alpanadeo says:

    Wow. All the goodness in this goodie pack. Amla, Rosemary, bhrinraj what else one can ask for..


  6. allaboutmommying says:

    I am going through PP hairfall and I can’t express that heart attack moment every day! I literally have stopped combing my hair for the fear of losing it. I have heard so much about this product that I will definitely try


  7. Neha says:

    Looks like a great product! Hairfall is such a common problem nowadays, a solution for it sounds wonderful


  8. Anchal says:

    Your hair looks gorgeous. This is such a great product.


  9. Tina Basu says:

    I absolutely need this. Thanks for the wonderful review.


  10. this looks like a must for every mom post partum..loved the review


  11. We are loving all the Mama Earth products these days. This hair care kit is amazing !


  12. Wow this looks like great product. I have used other mamaerath’s product. Will try this soon. Love your detailed review.


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